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Sabina-ring in the latest issue of Amelia @ameliamagazine


Karin Frick in Sabina ring at the tv-show Barncancergalan - Det svenska humorpriset. 🤩 During this show 54 millions kronor was collected to Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. So amazing! 🙌🏽


Frost handjewellery in the latest issue of the magazine Daisy 💙


I was a guest at the Tv-show “Fråga doktorn” at SVT1, talking about my experience, losing memory, changing personality and silversmithing as rehabilitation. The episode was broadcasted on Monday September 24th. You can watch it on SVT Play, press forward to minute 25:21. Link to the episode in bio.


5 pages in the magazine MAMA about me and the gang, my 4 children. 👭👬 How a traffic accident erased most of my memories, including the first years of my children’s lives and that I didn’t feel like they were my children until a while after recovery. Also that the damages on my brain actually made me creative. I went from working for United Nations - UN Women to a jewelry designer. Read the article online, press link in bio.


A major shoutout to talented Lisa Jansdotter for customizing this white gorgeous outfit. You’re so good at what you do and you’re such a kind soul. @lisajansdotter 😘 Thank you @prleesthlm for introducing us. 🤗 #perfectteam


Stockholm Fashion Week SS19 at Grand Hotel. The subject I chose was “A parents selfless love”. .................…...................................... To guide your child through life, many sleepless nights, a lot of driving to and from activities and school, read the same book over and over again. The will to give unconditional love. A parent's unconditional love consists of many parts. With major efforts of love and care, being there and supporting your child. The desire to just want to give and not expect anything back. Provide the tools needed for the child to deal with the setbacks in life, become confident and eventually self-reliant. Swipe to see a few of the ‘in the making’ photos shown on the screen.