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A major shoutout to talented Lisa Jansdotter for customizing this white gorgeous outfit. You’re so good at what you do and you’re such a kind soul. @lisajansdotter 😘 Thank you @prleesthlm for introducing us. 🤗 #perfectteam


Stockholm Fashion Week SS19 at Grand Hotel. The subject I chose was “A parents selfless love”. .................…...................................... To guide your child through life, many sleepless nights, a lot of driving to and from activities and school, read the same book over and over again. The will to give unconditional love. A parent's unconditional love consists of many parts. With major efforts of love and care, being there and supporting your child. The desire to just want to give and not expect anything back. Provide the tools needed for the child to deal with the setbacks in life, become confident and eventually self-reliant. Swipe to see a few of the ‘in the making’ photos shown on the screen.


This jewelry was shown at Stockholm Fashion week and is a choker inspired by a jug. With a jug, you pour out what is in it and fill up other objects. A jug that keeps pouring for eternity, no matter what happens around it. Just like a parent who always gives love and new chances to its child regardless of how the child behaves. The jug pours love and shares its love. The parent pours from him/herself to its child and makes sacrifices. These are symbolized by the shiny rods hanging down from the pouring part of the jewelry.


Stockholm Fashion Week.


In the magazine Tid & Smycken, issuu 4 2018.


@danielparis celebrating his magical dirty thirty 🎈wearing a handmade necklace that Saga has made. Oh how we love this piece on you! 🤩 This unique necklace is designed by our apprentice Micaela Strömvall. 💖 She’s a really skilled silversmith with an eye for details. 🤗 You can buy this necklace directly from her page @femifittan. 📷 Foto : @hermancaroan


In the magazine Tid & Smycken issue 3 2018.